Cash Loans Servers

Cash Loans Servers

Apobank provides loans to municipal servers in most municipalities in the state of São Paulo and countless other municipalities in cities throughout the country. Here in São Paulo the institution grants loans to the SMPP with special conditions and low interest rates.  In pobank also has exclusive conditions for municipal servers, including a differentiated promotion for the region with the Server Week editions. In the event Apobank offers municipal employees and employees some lines, modalities, products and services directed to them without intermediaries.

Apobank will grant in the event the contracting of payroll loan payroll, now one of the main focus of the institution. The municipal servers of Baixada Santista and Vale do Ribeiro will be able to count special offers in obtaining the payroll loan.

The factored by being a cheap transaction, it is very used by servers to get rid of debts with higher interest like the ones of the credit card and overdraft.

In the Apobank besides the loan for public servants, it is possible to ask for the payroll deduction the retirees and pensioners of the social security and private companies that make covenant can offer to their workers with excellent rates.

In order to contract Apobank’s payroll, it is enough to direct the agencies spread across all regions, go to the public servants and retirees of the social security in the banking business hours and do the simulation and if you like the proposal, just complete the request, the cash is released as soon as registered by the City Halls of São Paulo, Baixada Santista and Vale do Ribeira, and the beneficiaries of the social security receive between 3 3 5 days after DataPrev approves the loan.

Employees who opt for payroll pay interest between 1.31% and 1.65% per month, in some covenants the rate and the term varies according to the rules of the agreements signed with municipalities. The paycheck-deductible loan can vary between 12 and 120 months, with a maximum commitment of 30% of the rent.

If you want to get rid of financial troubles and higher interest debt such as overdraft and credit card credit, hire the “Cash Loan Here” and the “Cash Loan Payroll”, cover your ongoing debt with much lower interest rates.